Köfels in the Ötztal valley

Köfels is situated at the heart of the Ötztal valley and is thus the ideal base for activities in the Ötztal. Everything is accessible within 30 mins etc. -

Travel time from Köfels by car:

Aqua Dome Längenfeld10 minutes
Skiing Areas Ötz/Sölden10/25 minutes
Obergurgl Skiing Area35 minutes
Cross-country skiing locations10 minutes
Area 4720 minutes
Climbing locations15 minutes

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What should I visit in the Ötztal valley?

Ötzi Village

The "Ötzi Village" is an open-air archaeological museum in Umhausen, which is intended to bring to life, for parents and children alike, the "Life, Way of Living and Economy of the Neolithic period", which was Ötzi's time.

Parents and children in the open-air museum Ötzi Village Umhausen: The world-famous find of the "Ice Man" from 4000 B.C. is an archaeological highlight of the Ötztal region.


Aqua Dome Tyrol Thermal Baths Längenfeld

The Tyrol Thermal Baths Längenfeld, in the middle of the Ötztal valley, welcomes both young and old to bathe and regenerate in thermal water with an Alpine view. The Aqua Dome is in harmony with the Alpine world, so that visitors can harness the power of the Alps.


Health center Umhausen

Both modern and traditional, warmth and hospitality are key in Umhausen, which is 1031m above sea level.

Let yourself be inspired by the water's energy and gain strength from the breathtaking world of the Ötztal valley in Tyrol. Surrounded by many three-thousand-meter peaks, a special treasure lies in the depths of the valley: over 200 million cubic meters of radon healing water.

Ötztal Lambswool Center

Europe's most modern wool-washing facility

The wool-washing facility in Umhausen is the most modern in Europe and the wool is cleaned without added chemicals. The whole production process can be observed there, from the raw material of the wool right up to the finished product. Gift shop!


Ötztal Local and Open-Air Museum

The museum in Lehn bei Längenfeld documents rural living and lifestyle in the Ötztal valley up until the 1950s. .